The domestic terror group is at it again…

Watch photographers vie for the best angle while watching an aggressive, hateful group of angry protesters attack a lone man for simply wearing a Trump hat vying hat. Not one of these “men” offered to help this person who appears to be by himself. Meanwhile, cops stand around and allow and innocent man to be assaulted. What has happened to our America?

A young white man wearing one of Donald Trump’s red ‘Make America Great Again!” hats was violently forced out of New York City’s City Hall Park by a screaming Leftist racist mob of predominantly self-described ‘black and brown’ activists–all while police stood by and did nothing.

The mob was gathered to protest police as part of a “#ShutDownCityHallNYC” rally in the park. -Via: GP

You’ve gotta love how the apparent leader of this mob tells the innocent Trump supporter, “We do not condone violence” while grasping a hat they took from him and only moments before he is shoved by the mob.


Black Lives Matter thugs celebrated the announcement that New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton will step down in September.

Bratton will take a job in the private sector, but he did not name the company.

The resignation announcement comes a day after 200 anti-police protesters gathered in City Hall Park to demand the NYPD be defunded and Bratton be fired.

NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill is set to replace Bratton, 68, who has been in his current post since December 2013. Bratton also served as New York’s top cop from 1994 to 1996 and was Chief of the LAPD from 2002 to 2009.

During his first tenure as commissioner, under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in the early 1990s, Bratton was credited with driving down crime with a widely copied, data-driven, crime-fighting strategy before his brash style made him an annoyance to the mayor, who forced him out.

Though de Blasio was elected as a sharp critic of a police strategy known as stop-and-frisk — which raised concerns over racial profiling and privacy rights — he picked Bratton as a sign that he would balance reform and further drive down crime.

“When you see a policeman, remember that he is your friend,” Bratton said Tuesday. “That’s the vision and that’s the passion that I’ve had for 45 years.” -Via FOX News


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