A video recently went viral of a black man screaming racist remarks at a young white couple with a toddler on a subway in New York City. Soon, people began sharing more videos of the same man hurling racial slurs at other people on the streets of New York, showing that this was not a one-time thing for him.

In the disturbing video, an unidentified black man starts yelling at the helpless family and their toddler son, saying, “Take ’em back to Europe wit ya’ll… gay a** gorilla… I don’t care about your ugly a** kids and your race… I don’t care about you! Shut up you white monkey.”

The unhinged man then gets closer to the family and starts screaming, “You are nothing over here. You are dog in this country. Shut up! I am black American!”

Meanwhile, the woman is trying to talk to her son, seemingly to distract him from what is going on. The couple tries to ignore the racist tirade, trying to not look in his direction or give him the satisfaction of a reaction.

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As this clip went viral on Twitter, other users recognized the same man from other racist tirades against Hispanic and Asian people.

One person wrote, “Wait I think he is also the one throwing racial slurs to Asians and Hispanics. Guess black supremacy doesn’t even hide anymore lol.”

Another questioned how people would react if it were a white man hurling racist comments at a black family, asking, “If the races in this were reversed, would a hate crime have been committed?”

In another video posted of the racist man, he is stopped in the middle of an NYC crosswalk, screaming racial slurs at an Asian woman, calling her a “monkey” and saying, “Get out of my country!”

A traffic cop is standing next to the woman who is being verbally attacked, and the black man yells at him, “What? What are you doing? You’re a traffic cop. What? I’m black American. I was getting arrested at ten. Monkey!”

“Shut up, we don’t care about police! I’m a black American!”

As he walks off, the man continues to hurl insults at the Asian woman, calling her a “monkey” and a “f***ing piece of sh*t.”

In another video, the very same man is captured on camera hurling insults at a Hispanic woman, waving dollar bills in her face and calling her a “fat ugly Spanish woman,” “a monkey,” and “broke.”

“You in my country,” he yelled, getting in the woman’s face. “I’m the top. You can’t live in your own country. You’re a monkey.”

“Whatchu think you doin’ in my country?” he asked her. As he began to walk away he added, “And you need to kill yourself.”

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