A post on the Black Power Political Organization Facebook page shows the group taking credit for snipers who killed Dallas law enforcement officers yesterday. Since this posting the Facebook page has been shut down. We managed to capture [screen shot] their comments below:

black power

Here are a few posts we found on their Facebook page. We thought we’d share them in the off chance Facebook shuts them down:


From their Facebook page:

Black Power Political Organization – BPPO ‪#‎BlackPower‬! ‪#‎BlackKnights‬! Our Mission Is To Free Africa And All Black Based Countries From Non Black Control! And Give Black People The Opportunity They Need To Develop Themselves And Reach Their Full Potential!
We Are A Powerful Political Group Of Patriotic, Pro Black, Pan African Leaders! Who’s Job Is To Rule And Control Africa, And All Black Based Countries! So To Avoid Corruption, Bribery, Exploitation, Non Black Control And Every Form Of Ailments Preventing Black People And Africa From Reaching It’s Full Potential!
To Accomplish Our Goal! We Will Be Working With (Black People Protection Agency AKA “BLACK KNIGHTS”)! A Powerful Group Of Well Trained Professional Sniper Assassins, With Tens Of Thousands Of Assassins Located All Over The World, In Every Country! Who’s Job Is To Hold Government Leaders And Other Powerful People All Over The World Responsible When They Fail To Give Black People Equal Rights And Justice In Their Countries. By Relentlessly Target And Assassinate Government Leaders And Other Powerful Influential People And Their Families, When They Refuse To Do Right By Us Black People!
Our Organization Will Be Finance Through Taxation And Other Means!
(Like I always say! To free yourself from the white man. You will have to become like the white man. White people use violence and economic sanctions to control other countries, and exploit them! When the leaders of those countries refuse to do what they want. They destroy their economy or use terrorist to assassinate them! So the only way you can free yourself from them, is to use their own controlling methods against them. So! When western Governments refuse to stop exploit and oppress your country! You have for example: An independent sniper assassin group that will relentlessly target them and their families until they give you what you want, out of fear of dying or losing their love ones! Or You Can Force Someone Close To Them Eg: Friends, Co-workers, Family Doctor etc. To Assassinate Them Through Poisoning etc.)
(So as long as they are playing dirty! You have no other choice but to play dirty as well, to free yourself!)

Thank you to the amazing Nick Short for the h/t

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