Brigitte Gabriel was born in the Marjeyoun District of Lebanon to a Maronite Christian couple, a first and only child after over twenty years of marriage. She recalls that during the Lebanese Civil War, Islamic militants launched an assault on a Lebanese military base near her family’s house and destroyed her home. Gabriel, who was ten years old at the time, was injured by shrapnel in the attack. She says that she and her parents were forced to live underground in all that remained, an 8-by-10-foot (2.4 by 3.0 m) bomb shelter for seven years, with only a small kerosene heater, no sanitary systems, no electricity or running water, and little food. She says she had to crawl in a roadside ditch to a spring for water to evade Muslim snipers.

According to Gabriel, at one point in the spring of 1978, a bomb explosion caused her and her parents to become trapped in the shelter for two days.They were eventually rescued by three Christian militia fighters.

Brigitte Gabriel is now an American citizen, author, founder of ACT and a conservative lecturer. Gabriel attended a Benghazi Accountability Coalition forum that was supposed to be about Benghazi and how our government should be held responsible for their actions that led to the deaths of four Americans, but things took a dramatic turn when a Saba Ahmed, a Muslim law student in an America university stood up to defend the “majority of followers of Islam.” She told the panel, “We portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there are 1.8 billion followers of Islam. We have 8 million plus Muslim Americans in this country and I don’t see them represented here.” Gabriel answered her question from a historical perspective and knocked it out of the park! She gave an answer that Ahmed, who it turns out, is a Islamic activist who was also very active in Democratic politics at the time this event took place.


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