Wow! The talking heads on CNN just went to an all-time low.

Ana Navarro claims to be a Republican but she’s nothing of the sort. She is a phony masquerading as a conservative on CNN.

She repeatedly slams President Trump and other conservatives during her appearances.

Her latest stunt is classless and disrespectful.

Instead of debating the issue at hand with Steve Cortes, she decided to file her nails while Cortes was discussing the murders by illegal aliens.

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CNN’s Ana Navarro pulls out her nail file in annoyance and starts filing her nails as Steve Cortes tries to talk about crimes committed by illegal aliens against American citizens

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This is vile behavior and disrespectful to those families who’ve lost loved ones due to illegal alien crime.

How can CNN keep this supposed “serious analyst” when she behaves like a total jerk on national TV?

The left loved this move by Ana Navarro. This explains so much. They don’t want to compromise AT ALL on anything.

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