CNN has been working very hard to prove that Antifa is just a group of peaceful protestors when the truth of the matter is they are actually a violent group that is funded by the radical billionaire, George Soros, who uses violence to shut down free speech and threatens anyone who supports President Trump.

After the conflict, President Trump said that both sides were responsible but CNN and other leftist media organizations refused to allow any blame to be placed on the violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups.

The media is attempting to twist the narrative to say that President Trump’s equal condemnation of all violent groups shows support for white supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

One of the panel members was spot on with his remark: “I think it’s ridiculous to have me choose between Hitler and Stalin, which is what I consider both groups are”.

Watch CNN’s Alisyn Camerota get steamrolled by her own panel on the Charlottesville protests:

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