Enough is enough..

It’s time Joe Biden is removed from office.

The man has proven time and time again that he’s not up for the job.

The best example of this just came at the worst time for Biden.

Biden finally visited Maui, where hundreds of Americans have lost their lives, and many more are left homeless.

Biden made an absolute fool of himself during the visit.


He made bad jokes.

He compared the wildfires to a small kitchen fire he once had…

To top it all off, he appeared to fall asleep during a ceremony honoring those who have lost their lives.

Judge for yourself:

The Washington Examiner has more on Biden’s  behavior during the ceremony:

President Joe Biden appeared to struggle with jet lag during his visit to Maui after devastating wildfires ravaged the Hawaiian Islands.

Biden was listening to a speaker at a dinner after meeting with survivors of the wildfires when he appeared to shut his eyes. It is unclear whether the president was bowing his head to pray or listen or if he began to fall asleep.

Biden has appeared to fall asleep during visits in the past. Shortly after he took office, the president attended the COP26 climate conference, where he appeared to nod off during the opening speeches.

Social media is going crazy over this one.

Many believe that this is just the latest example of Biden’s deteriorating brain.

Others are defending Biden and claiming that the video is taken out of context.

If this were one isolated incident, I could see giving the benefit of the doubt.

this is far from the first such incident however…

Breitbart has more on Biden’s disastrous trip to Maui:

So after Biden is roused from his second vacation in as many weeks to show up in Maui, President Sociopath decides to get cute again. Keep in mind over 100 people are confirmed dead, more than 800 are missing, and countless numbers have lost everything, including pets, homes, and belongings… But here’s our Empathizer-In-Chief: “You guys catch the boots out here? That’s a hot ground, man.”

After making a joke about the ground being hot, Biden exaggerated a kitchen fire he once had:

The following shouldn’t be surprising coming from the same man who continues to lie about losing a son in Iraq, but while speaking to the victims of the Maui wildfires, His Fraudulency told a bald-faced lie about how “Jill and I … have a little sense [of] what it’s like to lose a home.”

“To make a long story short,” said Joe, “I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat. But all kidding aside, I watched the firefighters, the way they responded…And they ran into flames to save my wife and save my family. Not a joke.”

He was talking about a kitchen fire in 2004.

Biden is a national embarrassment and people are sick of it.


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