This morning, President Trump retweeted an incredible video showing a group of senior citizens living in The Villages in Florida, who took part in a Trump parade on golf carts, as they drove around the self-contained retirement community, proudly displaying their support for President Trump with a variety of Trump flags and signs.

The Trump supporters were met with a small group of anti-Trump agitators holding nasty signs, shouting vulgarities at the seniors, as they accused them of being racists for supporting our President. The anti-Trump protesters appeared to be attempting to intimidate the Trump supporters with their aggressive, over-the-top behavior.

The video begins with an anti-Trump agitator shouting at the first golf cart with a man driving the cart and woman seated beside him, “Where’s your white hood? an older man shouts at them. Screams of “Racist! Racist!” can be heard from the anti-Trumpers behind the male anti-Trump protester.  The elderly man driving the golf cart mockingly replies, “Yeah, white power,” as he facetiously raises his fist, mocking the ignorance of the far left nut job who accused people he doesn’t know of being “racists.” The man is clearly mocking the far-left agitator who made the vile accusation with the gesture.

The video shows an angry elderly woman approaching the next two golf carts, as she leans in and shouts, “F*ck Trump! F*ck Trump!” at each occupant. An elderly woman driving the second cart slows down and tells her to watch her language. The foul-mouthed, angry, anti-Trump female leans into her cart and yells back, “listen to your president!”

In the next scene, the angry, foul-mouthed elderly woman can be seen pulling a page from the Antifa playbook, as she jumps in front of the golf cart with the man wearing a “Veterans for Trump” t-shirt and refuses to let him pass.  As the elderly man attempts to drive his golf cart away the foul-mouthed woman demands that an “officer” help her. We’re not sure what she would like the officer to do to help her, as she is blocking the road and refusing to let peaceful Trump supporters drive their golf carts.

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“You touch me!” she threatens, as the golf cart driver attempts to keep driving. “Where’s the officer?” the foul-mouthed protester asks, screaming into the golf cart, adding “We don’t need you f*cking Nazi pigs!” Another female protester walks up and pulls her away from blocking traffic. She continues to shout at every golf cart driving by, “You f*cking turd!” she shouts, and “You’re a Nazi! Racist Nazi pig!”

The other anti-Trump protesters can be heard yelling, “Where’s your hood?” and “Grab ’em by the p*ssy!”

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Watch the incredible scene here.

President Trump retweeted the incredible exchange and quickly deleted when it was discovered that the Trump supporter mocked the man calling him a racist, by saying, “Yeah, white power!” In his tweet, President Trump thanked the great people of The Villages and criticized the “Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats.”

The media quickly jumped on the story, attempting to twist the story of the elderly Trump supporter who mocked the vile elderly leftist who accused him of being a racist and asked him, “Where’s your white hood?”

The dishonest leftist media never mentions the vile accusations being shouted at innocent Trump supporters who are peacefully driving by in their golf carts. As we’ve come to expect, they instead, twist the story to make it all about the man who facetiously responded the anti-Trump protester’s vile insults.

From the dishonest Rolling Stone: “Racist Trump shares video of a racist screaming “White Power”

From Fake News Washington Post:

rump promotes video of a supporter saying “white power

Raw Story selects quotes from the far left protesters to make it look like the words came from this Trump supporter: ‘Bigot. Racist. Swine’: Trump under fire for approvingly sharing video of supporter shouting ‘white power!’

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro joined in to help promote the big lie. Every last one of these far-left publications and politicians ignored the nasty language and vile accusations that were being thrown at innocent Trump supporters who the leftist tried to intimidate with their actions.

From “The Hill”

Everyone needs to see this article to see what really happened before the fake news media is allowed to run away with the bogus narrative of President Trump retweeting a “white power” salute by a Trump supporter!


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