Florida simply can’t stop winning.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting the cultural rot in Florida that has been seeping into the rest of the country’s education system, as well as taking on woke corporations like Disney.  The Governor has been highly successful with the passage of the Parental Rights In Education Act and stripping Disney of its right to govern territory it has purchased.

Now, Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Mood is taking on corrupt pharmaceutical companies that have flooded our country with opiates, causing an addiction and overdose crisis.

Florida sued Walgreens for its role in the opioid epidemic earlier this year.  The trial began last month as Mood presented overwhelming evidence proving that Walgreens wantonly distributed billions of opioid pills to Floridians.

Moody was able to secure a $683 Million settlement from the company that will be used towards treatment and prevention to stem the opioid epidemic in the state.


The Epoch Times Reports



“Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced on May 5 that the state has reached a $683 million settlement with Walgreens over the drugstore chain’s role in the opioid crisis.

“After four weeks of the state putting on … evidence how Walgreens played a role in this epidemic … the white flag was raised, and we were able to begin negotiations in a productive manner,” Moody said. “Today is a culmination of that trial.”

The Walgreens settlement amount includes $620 million to be paid to the State of Florida over “the next two decades,” as well as a one-time payment of $63 million for attorneys’ fees.

As part of the settlement, there is no admission of wrongdoing or liability by Walgreens.

“The latest estimates show that Florida continues to lose 21 lives a day to opioid abuse,” Moody said at the Tampa press event. “With these funds, Florida goes on offense to stop addiction and save lives.”

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