I was a Muslim, I converted to Christianity for a reason because I found out I do not get along with you people. I don’t like what you’re preaching, I don’t like your religion. I’m sorry. You cannot force it upon me. That’s why I came here. But I’m not an advocate for war.
For you to come as refugees to this country, and you give birth to men and women and grown up in America and then you betray America?  
When you start coming here and start threatening America, which is my country by choice and my American people and my rednecks and my white trash and trailer trash and everybody you put down. That’s the only people who stood up for me. I love bikers, I love white trash, I love rednecks and I love every southern state, I love Louisiana people. They’re not racist, they’re not hateful!”
For you to come here and eat their food and drink their water and enjoy their freedom and want to turn around and kill their policemen and kill American citizens because they practice their freedom? You cannot handle their freedom, that’s why you’re full of hate!

We the people ! Don’t bite the hands that feed you people !

Posted by Saad Kooza Salman on Saturday, June 6, 2015


You cannot handle their freedom, thats’ why you’re full of hate”
Where do you think those 2 -3 million soldiers who fought your f—– ass’s in Fallujah and Ramadi and Baghdad and up-north went?

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They are here…they did not forget how to kill, they did not forget how to fight. The same ones who fought you in Fallujah, they will f—- you up here too. They got guns, but they don’t want to choose that path. 

Don’t call it your country if you don’t fight for it, you coward! And you, as Americans, sympathizing with those mother f—–‘s , trying to off police officers and killing American people here! Shame on you! Stand up! Grow some balls! 

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I’m not an advocate for war, but the time has come to let them know. We will die for this nation, we will fight for this country. Whites, blacks, Chinese, I don’t care what color you are!

You are Muslims living here and benefiting from this country! Stand up for this America! I don’t see no religion, I don’t see no color. I see you are an American with us or you are against us! That’s my message to you! Deal with that!

I’m an American by choice my friend, I love this flag and I will stand by it and I will die for it.  That’s my message to you.


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