The SEIU is known as “Obama’s purple army”…They are a huge union that’s gotten more and more radical during Obama’s 8 years. President Mary Kay Henry has lead the thousands of members of the Service Employees International Union for years and teaches the members how to be professional protesters. We’ve seen them in action and it is typical to have a leader who tells the “underlings” what to do. This is like a modern-day form of slavery. The leaders march these people out and tell them what to say and how to behave. When they’ve finished protesting they load them on a bus and take them away. This woman should be able to speak but the leader controls her. Thanks to Jeff Flock for calling out this guy…”That pisses me off!”

FOX Business reporter Jeff Flock goes off on a SEIU thug for telling a protester she couldn’t speak…Bravo!

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