Pro-Palestinian, crybaby Fox News host Geraldo Rivera and conservative Fox News guest Dan Bongino got into a massive argument on the Hannity show during a discussion on the Palestinian (Hamas) – Israel conflict.

Sean Hannity asked Geraldo about his views on the conflict, and the pro-Palestinian liberal went off on Israel, saying “abhorrent” that Palestinians were dying at 20 times the numbers of Israelis. Rivera told Hannity, “I demand a cease-fire!” Conservative Dan Bongino, who knows exactly which buttons to push with the anti-Israel personality, accused Rivera of being ignorant about the conflict.

“Geraldo, you do this every time and it is such garbage! You play this emotional game with the audience,” Bongino said, accusing Rivera of using his “position of responsibility to put out misinformation.”

Geraldo snapped back, “This is not about me! You didn’t come here to attack me. I’m sick of you, Bongino. You’re a punk!”

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In his typical dramatic, diva style, Rivera wadded up a piece of paper and threw it at the monitor.

Dan Bongino was not impressed, as he burst into laughter, telling Rivera he’s an “out-of-control lunatic!”

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“I’m an out-of-control lunatic?”Rivera shouted, as he attempted to flash his credentials around, “I’m a ten-time Emmy winner!” he told Bongino, who laughed.

Watch the exchange here:

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