There was a heavy push and big-time lobbying from G7 leaders but President Trump said no to endorsing the Paris Climate Agreement. We hope this means another nail in the coffin of Obama’s legacy. Obama set America up to pay a fortune to other nations in this MAJOR boondoggle of a redistribution of wealth to other nations. American taxpayers DO NOT want to pay for this!

Trump has stated in the past that he would like to renegotiate the deal but we think he needs to get out of it. He tweeted he’ll make his decision next week after saying that the discussion on climate was “very unsatisfying”:

Even better, Trump’s decision upset world leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, desperate to convince the president of the agreement’s merits.

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“The Paris deal isn’t just any other deal. It is a key agreement that shapes today’s globalization,” Merkel said, describing discussions with Trump about climate change “very unsatisfying.”

Merkel doesn’t understand that globalization is exactly why we don’t like this boondoggle!

For opponents of the agreement, the decision is a welcome development after the president’s economic adviser, Gary Cohn, told reporters that Trump was “evolving” on the issue. Trump needs to evolve his way OUT of this “agreement”. PULL OUT!

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