Ohio Governor John Kasich, who signed a pledge to support the Republican candidate no matter who it was, is clearly not a man of his word. He has been an open crybaby critic of Trump since he found himself polling at 1% while Donald was on a meteoric rise to the top of the GOP ticket. So many of these “sour grapes” GOP contenders who have been outspoken, or have quietly skulked away, refusing to endorse Trump or half-heartedly endorsing him, have lost supporters who would likely have helped them to win their reelection bids in their respective states. America chose their nominee, and politicians like John Kasich chose to put their own petty difference ahead of the American voter by essentially checking the box for “Hillary.” If the polls aren’t rigged and Trump cleans up in Ohio, someone’s gonna have a little egg on their face

John Kasich proudly announced today, that he has written in a vote for the liberal war-hawk, John McCain who got creamed in the general election against Barack Hussein Obama.

The Ohio governor’s write-in vote for the 2008 GOP nominee, confirmed by a spokesman, won’t count. Ohio law requires write-in candidates to file with the secretary of state more than two months before Election Day.

With the vote for McCain, Kasich, who failed in his own presidential bid this year, issued a final rebuke of Trump.

The Ohio governor has long said he finds Trump’s policy positions and behavior troubling. This month, he confirmed he would not vote for the controversial New York billionaire, despite having signed a pledge last year to support the Republican nominee, no matter who it was. – Cincinnatti.com

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