The retired Army Lt. General commissioned for a security review after the January 6th protest now calls for protests himself

Retired Army Lt. General Russel Honore, whom Pelosi commissioned to be the head of the January 6th security review, is calling for major protests outside of the NRA’s convention in Texas with the purpose of shutting it down.

Nancy Pelosi and Russel Honore

Remember, only leftists are allowed to protest. After peaceful demonstrations on January 6th, 2021, the left collectively lost what little was left of their minds and started shrieking about insurrections and domestic terrorism… Over peaceful protests which led to far, far less death and destruction than the summer of 2020’s BLM Marxist protests. Still, Republicans and patriots are punished for it.

Now, the man in charge of the security review for that event is calling for even more left-wing protests without a shred of irony.

Following the traumatic and reprehensible mass shooting in Texas on Tuesday, which claimed the lives of 21 victims–19 of them children–the left could not even wait for all of the facts to com out before they began clamoring for gun control (as if that actually stops criminals.)

Pelosi’s pet general and head of the 1/6 security review, a retired Army Lt. General, made the following highly political Tweet calling for protests to shut down the NRA, whom he claims have “blood on their hands,” for advocating for a constitutional right.

The pretense of non-partisanship on January 6th is no longer there as this man calls out Senator Mitch McConnell,  Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor Greg Abbott as if they are somewhere responsible for the shootings of maniacs because they won’t infringe on average people’s rights.

But to top it all off, we return to the protest hypocrisy the left is so known for. January 6th’s protests and demonstrations were demonized, but an equivalent protest in front of the NRA’s Houston, Texas convention is not just cheered on but outright demanded by these same people who think January 6th was domestic terrorism.

If there is a single violent incident involving protests outside the NRA convention, now we know who to blame.

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