It’s so refreshing to hear leaders tell the truth about anything! In this instance, the leaders of the V4 countries including Poland have given the best answer yet for refusing the Muslim invaders. The reason might not be politically correct but it’s why Europe is in such chaos right now….Poland said its population is unable to live with people from the Middle East. Yes, they said what everyone else is thinking…

A dispute over how to shelter 160,000 refugees in Europe got deeper today when Poland said its population is unable to live with people from the Middle East. EurActiv Greece reports.

The Dutch EU presidency, helped by Germany, Italy and Greece, is trying to convince Eastern European countries to join an EU-wide plan to redistribute 160,000 refugees seeking shelter in Europe.

But the leaders from the Visegrad (V4) countries — Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary — are opposed to the idea.

“Central and Eastern EU countries do not have the experience to live with citizens from North Africa or the Middle East,” said a Polish diplomat contacted by EurActiv.


“From the very beginning of the refugee crisis we have underestimated the social differences in those countries. Before we start taking in and distributing [refugees] we need to communicate it to the people of Europe,” said the Polish diplomat, who preferred not to be named.

The Polish position echoes comments by Slovakia, whose Prime Minister Robert Fico said that Muslims cannot be integrated in mostly Christian European societies.

’50 million migrants who will change Europe’

Speaking to EurActiv on condition of anonymity, another high ranking diplomat said “up to 50 million” immigrants were expected to arrive on the old continent in the coming years, adding this “will change Europe” forever.

V4 countries intend to prevent this from happening.

At their “mini-summit” on 15 February, the V4 adopted a “plan B” in the event of a collapse of the Schengen area, which could be triggered by an exit of Greece from the European passport-free area.

V4 leaders want Greece to seal its borders with Bulgaria and Macedonia to effectively stem the migration flow coming from Turkey.

Warsaw says it “comprehends” that some EU countries face difficulties in protecting their external borders, but “these countries should also understand that some other EU countries haven’t learnt how to live with people from the Middle East”.

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