Last month, a horse named “Heavenly Trump” won a race in a fluke that one punter said was “the worst loss in horse racing.”

The come-from-behind victory was caught on tape as a rider’s horse threw them off and crashed in to the running rail.

Video footage shows the leading horse, “Moro Flyboy” comfortably ahead of the pack when the freak accident occured.

The victory came a month after an unexpected victory by rider Richard Strike who won at the Kentucky Derby despite 80 to 1 odds against him.

President Trump was in attendance at the Kentucky Derby and was met with thunderous applause by the audience.

The Sun Reports

“The unthinkable happened in the final furlong when runaway leader Moro Flyboy jinked and threw jockey Simon Camacho-Benitez crashing into the running rail.

Camacho-Benitez bounced off the obstacle head-first and landed with a thud on the dirt as Heavenly Trump cruised past to win in the most ridiculous of circumstances.

A clip of the finish has gone viral online, as conspiracy theories about why the horse jinked surfaced.

Some claimed Camacho-Benitez should not have used his whip on the four-year-old gelding when so far clear.

And they say an apparent strike to the right side of the horse caused him to jink left and throw the jockey off, costing the horse’s owner a winning cheque for just over £6,500.

Others said this was just classic racing, with the winner never a sure thing until they pass the post.”

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