Of course this is tongue-in-cheek (because some of you might think we’re promoting this) but very true and doable. Can you believe how many freebies we have to offer? This is pretty sickening…. 

Now many folks might consider this immoral and unethical, but it’s entirely legal.

Millions of people are exploiting the system using this scheme and best of all, it all starts with sex.

First, you need to find a willing partner and create a child, two would be ideal.

Don’t get married
Use a relative’s address for all mail
The guy buys a house
The guy rents the house to his girlfriend
She applies for Section 8 housing assistance as an unwed mother, HUD pays her $900 a month for a three bedroom home
Girlfriend enrolls herself and kids in ObamaCare
Girlfriend enrolls in community college, free tuition as unwed mother
Girlfriend gets $600 a month in foodstamps and welfare
Utilities paid by welfare voucher
Being on public assistance qualifies her for a free Obama phone and broadband internet
Guy moves into home but Section 8 rent checks are being sent to relative’s address where they think the landlord lives
Guy and woman file taxes separately, each claim one of the kids for tax credits
Girl signs up for Social Security disability payments claiming some physical or mental hardship
So here’s the breakdown on the “free” money you can collect using this plan:


An unmarried couple with stay at home mom nets…
$21600 disability +
$10800 free housing +
$6000 free Obama care +
$6000 free food +
$4800 free utilities +
$6000 Pell grant spending money +
$12000 a year in college tuition free from Pell grant +
$8800 tax benefit filing as two separate head of household with dependent child tax credits

That adds up to $76,000. Now if the woman is willing or able to occasionally work a part time job and get paid under the table that just adds to the income but that would constitute welfare and section 8 fraud.

Some might assume that with him cohabiting the house that he’s renting to her that’s also Section 8 fraud but as a landlord myself I know the HUD rules and he could easily claim that she’s just an unrelated tenant. Even so, being in a sexual relationship with the landlord, even having kids together wouldn’t disqualify her from collecting a rent subsidy, so long as they aren’t married.

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