Michigan’s top law enforcement official pledged not to enforce the state’s abortion laws earlier this week after a draft opinion was leaked to Politico from the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade.  Wisconsin’s Democrat Attorney General made a similar pledge this week.  Both Attorney Generals face re-election this November.

Far-left prosecutors in Democrat counties have already followed suit, with Wayne County’s prosecutor Kim Worthy saying that she would also refuse to enforce Michigan’s abortion laws.

Neither of the Democrat Attorney Generals who have pledged not to enforce abortion laws left any room for discretion, meaning that women in the state would be able to get abortions up until birth with no restrictions.

Nessel justified her lawless decision in a video on Twitter this Tuesday.

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“I will not enforce this law, because I think it will lead to further harm and further death of women in our state.” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said.

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DePerno: She went on to say that her Republican opponent Matthew DePerno would ‘strictly enforce’ Michigan’s abortion laws if he was elected.  DePerno didn’t pull any punches against Michigan’s corrupt Attorney General when 100PercentFedUp asked him for comment.

Q: What did you think when you saw the video of Dana Nessel saying she would not enforce an abortion ban in MI?

“It confirms everything we already know about Dana Nessel—that she’s an extremist and she doesn’t have any interest in enforcing the constitution or the rule of law. She wants to use her office to promote her political agenda and will do it at all costs.” He said.

DePerno went on to dispel the ridiculous notion that the repeal of Roe v. Wade would result in a blanket abortion ban, saying that a repeal would leave the issues to voters.  Democrats are afraid of this outcome because they know their position on abortion is unpopular with voters.

DePerno:  “Abortion will be an issue for the voters. This is where Nessel’s argument on Roe V. Wade fails. Nobody wants to talk about the legal arguments of Justice Alito.

In 1973 5 SC Justices didn’t care about what the constitution said about abortion. The Constitution says nothing about abortion—-Roe invented it. Roe V. Wade mocks jurisprudence.

It’s probably the most embarrassing decision made by the supreme court in 75 years.

Even Biden in 1972 said Roe V. Wade went too far.

Many people see abortion as murder, while many people see abortion as the key to happiness. Throughout history, we’ve had many issues that are morally challenging and the way we deal with them is through elections. Roe V. Wade took that away from the people. And that decision only divided us and caused people to hate each other.

Every state now will have the right to vote on this issue. Democrats should welcome that decision. If they really believe that everyone agrees with them, they should be happy citizens can vote on this.

We are free people in the end, and I’m so sorry that Dana Nessel doesn’t believe that.”


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