Bev Harris who heads up is one of the leading voter fraud experts. She also happens to be a self-described liberal Democrat. Listen to her explain to Infowars founder Alex Jones how she is very suspicious that Hillary Clinton and her campaign tried to steal the vote, but were unable to do so because Trump won in such a landslide…
“There was a point in time in which New Hampshire was only separated by 96 votes, and yet…you did not… and by the way Pennsylvania was only separated at one point by only 2,400 votes.  In a lot of states this can trigger a mandatory recount. We did not see a peep, even in the closest, closest states that there was even a possibility, even a discussion of any recount anywhere. And we would have, we should have probably seen that. It’s abnormal that we didn’t at the stages where it was very close. And that can signal, of course, what happens in a recount is great scrutiny. It can signal…hey, we don’t really want any scrutiny of this count, any further scrutiny…and that also makes you kind of think hmmmm…. I mean if you really are hard fought and you’re separated by 9,400 votes, my goodness, why wouldn’t you?”
Yeah…it doesn’t give me any more confidence in the process. Basically, until we can verify the count. Which, the records are already in the system to do that, they’re just simply refusing to let anybody in the public see them. Even though under Freedom of Information Law, its our right. Until they do that, it seems like they’re hiding something.”

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