Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Sadly, the children of these parents who are so consumed by hate, that they behave like schoolyard bullies, are going to be the ones who pay the price in the end…

Kids tossing bean bags at a mock tombstone for President Trump at a public school was a “despicable” display of dirty politics the adults forced on the unwitting children, a Gloucester Republican official said, as the furor continued to grow.

School officials have apologized for a parent-teacher organization fundraiser last week at West Parish Elementary School — but one GOP official fears the damage is already done.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to put the sitting president’s name on a tombstone. It’s disrespectful to the office of the president, no matter who he is,” said Amanda Kesterson, who heads the Gloucester Republican City Committee.

(102317 Gloucester, MA) A photo sent to State Committeewoman Amanda Orlando Kesterman Facebook shows a child’s game set up at with a tombstone depicting the name “Don Trump” Courtesy of Amanda Orlando Kesterman.

“Unfortunately,” she told the Herald, “in Massachusetts in particular, where Republicans are the minority party and the president is unpopular, I think there is a belief that joking about the president is acceptable — and it’s not.” –Boston Herald

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