This is awesome! London Mayor Sadiq Khan was drilled by Piers Morgan on why Khan isn’t keeping tabs on the 400 plus known ISIS radicals living in London: WHERE ARE THEY?…WHERE ARE THEY?

Morgan: “Where are the 400 jihadis still in London? You’re the mayor! WHERE ARE THEY?”

Mayor Khan: I can’t cover 400 people

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Morgan: Why not? Why can’t you instruct the police, why can’t you say everyone of those people who’ve come back from a war zone, I want them followed?

Mayor Khan: They have to prioritize

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Morgan: What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with the intent to harm British citizens? Why’s it not the number one priority? Why are these people allowed to just come back in in the first place and then the London mayor does not have a clue to where any of them are?

London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, called on the British government today to cancel their visit with President Donald Trump. 

Speaking to Channel 4 news, Khan felt Trump’s out-of-context criticisms and continued attacks on Twitter meant that the U.K. should not “roll out the red carpet” for the president as “his policies go against everything we stand for.”

He added: “When you have a special relationship it is no different from when you have got a close mate. You stand with them in times of adversity but you call them out when they are wrong. There are many things about which Donald Trump is wrong.” –Hollywood Reporter

Shouldn’t London’s government be more concerned with their current mayor’s past than of President Trump’s efforts to unify the world in the fight against extreme Islamic terrorism?

In 2016, the now Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan was branded unfit to be London’s Mayor after it emerged that he had described moderate Muslim groups as ‘Uncle Toms’ – a notorious racial slur used against black people to suggest that they are subservient to whites.

The incendiary claim emerged in a 2009 interview with Iranian-backed Press TV, when Mr Khan was ‘minister for community cohesion’, in charge of Government efforts to stamp out extremism.

The revelation is a major blow for Mr Khan, who has faced a string of claims about his past dealings with Muslim extremists during the bitter campaign to succeed Boris Johnson. –Daily Mail

Watch the 2009 video here:

That’s not the only video that should make every London citizen be concerned about their Mayor’s radical views. A 2002 video has emerged showing Sadiq Kahn defending convicted Islamic terrorists who attempted to revive the Islamic Liberation Party in Egypt.

The video, via Josh Caplan of Vessel News, shows Khan defending terrorists. At the beginning of the video, Muslims in the street shout “Allahu Akbar!” –GP

In the video, London’s current Muslim Mayor can be seen defending convicted Muslim terrorists: “There is no evidence at all against the three British men, the only evidence against them is these confessions. We now have unequivocal proof that the confessions were obtained under duress and under torture – as there is no evidence against the men, the men need to be released straight away and sent back home to their families.
The Egyptian government and the state prosecutor have made a terrible mistake. They can correct that mistake by releasing the men now . . . What we’re concerned about is they’re compounding their mistake by continuing to detain them and having this farce of a trial, this is in breech of Egyptian’s [sic] own very important law, it has a proud history of being the custodians of law and justice . . .”

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