“Young black man delivers poignant message to Representative John Lewis, who recently called Donald Trump an “illegitimate President” So many jobs have left the state. And you know what’s moved in? Drugs, gangs illegal immigration. My mother’s been there for 27 year and she’s on drugs. It’s her choice. I’m not blaming you Representative Lewis. But you’ve been there. You’ve done nothing. Last year, you did a ‘sit in’ for Hillary Clinton. For Hillary Clinton! You did a ‘sit in’ on the floor. It was for her. It wasn’t for guns. It wasn’t for the Pulse nightclub. That’s you guys tried to exploit. But it was for Hillary Clinton, to set her up to win. And now that she lost, your token ass is sad. So you’re gonna call Donald Trump, “illegitimate?” I mean seriously? What are you doing? You’re living off of MLK. Martin Luther King is a great man, obviously, we’re celebrating his birthday years later after his death.”

“FOX News Calls You A ‘Civil Rights Icon’…Why Are You An Icon? Because You Got Your Ass Beat?”

You have been ineffective. Where are your accomplishments? Nothing. Why don’t you go on the news and talk about the black on black terrorism that’s happening in Chicago?”


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