It’s pretty common knowledge for anyone’s who’s tortured themselves by watching The View, that it’s really nothing more than a liberal, think-tank for dummies with too much time on their hands. Only one month ago, Meghan McCain left her job at Fox News as a co-host on “The Five” to plant herself at the end of the table, where anywhere between 4-6 angry women spend one-hour every weekday telling their viewers why they’re angry, and why they hate President Trump and anyone who supports him. Thankfully for Meghan, she’s the daughter of RINO Senator John McCain, one of the angriest men in politics, so she knows a thing or two about how to handle angry, and irrational people, who are driven by hate, and inspired by their desire to seek revenge. She also knows that her position at the end of the table (where the token “conservatives” are seated on The View), was likely offered to her because she was already on the anti-Trump train and didn’t need any coaching.

Every day, it becomes more and more obvious to the viewers that the pressure cooker relationship between unhinged co-hosts, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, and their hated opponent Meghan McCain won’t last. If I was a betting woman, I’d bet McCain is packing up her dressing room and heading back to Fox for another attempt at more intellectual discourse and meaningful dialogue by the end of this year.

Things got uncomfortable on “The View” Friday morning, after a heated debate about sexual harassment in politics led to a war of words between co-hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain.

Watch [Fireworks start at about the 3:30-minute mark]:

“There’s a lot of Democrats asking for [Franken] to step down if you can believe it I don’t just watch Fox,” McCain said, looking at Behar. “Fox is sex harassment central,” Behar interrupted.

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“You know what. That’s so cheap. I’m trying to talk about the fact that I watch other networks and people in your party are calling for the stepping down of Al Franken because of this investigation being a distraction,” a frustrated McCain shot back.

Whoopi attempted to interject, before losing her words and simply exclaiming, “Well, shoot.”

“I was responding to Joy. I just don’t think that saying Fox is X, I know, I used to work there,” McCain continued. “We’re talking about the present. This is what’s exhausting about this conversation. I totally agree with you that it’s absolutely disgusting at this point that we’re still having conversations about Roy Moore. He should step down. but right now we’re talking about another senator.”

“We’re also talking about hypocrisy, which is what provoked my outburst,” Behar explained. “Trump’s hypocrisy, Fox’s hypocrisy, Breitbart, Sean Hannity, all of them.”

“What about the hypocrisy of Bill Clinton right now?” McCain asked, prompting Joy to ask, “Why bring up Bill Clinton at this point?”

It was at this point Whoopi stopped the conversation in its tracks, saying, “We’re doing and we’ll be right back,” before the show went to commercials. –TooFab

Do you think Meghan McCain will last another month on The View? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.



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