On Saturday, thousands of Trump supporters stood in a farm field filled with frozen mud and rocks, as they waited in line to see America’s greatest President, Donald J. Trump.

As the long line of Trump supporters got closer to the soccer stadium where the indoor rally was being held, they got a chance to see the fearless GOP primary candidate for MI AG Matt DePerno who was “fact-checking” Michigan’s current, radical, and  “blackout drunk” Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Somewhere, in an undisclosed location, Michigan’s far-left Attorney General Dana Nessel was seated comfortably in front of a camera between Democrat MI State Senator Jeff Irwin and the outspoken Nessel fan girl and Democrat City Clerk Barb Byrum. The sniping trio, who behaved more like they were auditioning for a role in “Gossip Girls,” than elected public officials, sat for over three hours on a couch criticizing and mocking Republicans who attended the Trump rally. The host of the show was, of course, Michigan’s first Mean Girl, Dana Nessel.

Nessel, who is clearly afraid of Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno, spoke over the majority of his speech and laughed about being “blackout drunk” at the MSU-UM football game in front of tens of thousands of impressionable young college students and their families.

Let that sink in—Michigan’s top law enforcement officer had to be wheeled out of Michigan’s largest and most popular sporting event of the year in a wheelchair because she drank so much that she couldn’t walk—and now, she’s laughing about it?

The family of Brandon Santo who wasn’t so lucky to be surrounded by an entourage of people taking care of him is probably not laughing…

On the same day that Nessel had to be wheeled out of the stadium, Rochester, MI resident and 19-yr-old Grand Valley State student Brandon Santo, who was visiting friends at MSU, went missing. Several months later his body was found in East Lansing’s Red Cedar River. The cause of death was drowning, with alcohol likely playing a contributing role. The Ingham County Medical Examiners’ office determined that Brandon Santo’s alcohol blood level was 0.22.

What kind of message is Nessel sending to our youth, especially our college students in Michigan when she makes jokes about being “blackout drunk” on the same day a beloved 19-yr-old student went missing and was later found with a blood-alcohol level that may have rivaled Nessel’s that day?

Maybe Dana should spend less time attacking good family men like Matt DePerno who unselfishly fights for the rights of citizens in Michigan while she plots how she will use her position to punish her political opponents.

On the day after the football game, Matt DePerno brilliantly trolled the lawless attorney general with this hilarious video to the tune of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”:

You’ve gotta love the closing shot of Mr. DePerno drinking a Bloody Mary as he reads the United States Constitution.

Perhaps the state of Michigan should ‘do better and replace this lawless buffoon in 2022 with someone who respects the US Constitution.

The good news is, that not many people in Michigan pay attention to the Nessel clown show on social media. After two days, very few people have watched the unpopular AG’s ridiculous “Gossip Girl” podcast.

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