A mother and her son were on their way home after donating items to a local charity when a group of young men riding bicycles violently attacked them in New York City.  In a video obtained by the NYPD, multiple bicyclists can be seen surrounding the car and smashing it with their bikes, before attempting to break the windshield with their fists.

The bicyclist’s rampage did not stop there, as they were reportedly involved in another attack on a taxi cab just a few blocks away.  The cab driver sustained injuries from the gang, while the mother and son involved in the former attack did not.


ABC 7 New York Reports


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“Police want to identify the group of bicyclists caught on surveillance video surrounding a BMW and attacking the vehicle with the driver inside.

The incident was reported Tuesday just after 4 p.m. at the intersection of East 21st Street and Fifth Avenue.

The 36-year-old driver was with his mother as the scene unfolded. He said he still can’t get over the shock that this happened on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and he had to fear for both his and his mother’s lives.

I noticed this swarm of cyclists, tall, young kids just weaving in and out of traffic and kind of surrounding the car,” the driver said. “We got to the point where they were in front of me and they were on either side of me and behind me, and I’m probably going like seven or eight miles an hour.”

Someone in the gang reportedly crashed into the car after attempting to do a wheelie.  Max stopped to make sure everyone was okay when they started to attack him.

“I started to open up the driver door but I was immediately surrounded on every side by these kids that have just gotten off their bikes and they started screaming, yelling, punching the car, hitting the hood of the car, just yelling, ‘get out, get out, open the roll down the window, roll down the window.’ When I didn’t, they started to take out their aggression on the car itself,” Max said.

One Twitter user pointed out that incidents such as this one are less likely to happen in states like Texas, where people are well armed.  Imagine that.



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