A Canadian Muslim scholar is caught on video explaining why it’s ok to be a pedophile…This mindset is part of the religion of Islam because Muhammad married a child and consummated the marriage when the child was 9. Sick and twisted!
In fact, child marriage is still practiced in the Muslim religion in some places (see below)

OUR LATEST ON CHILD MARRIAGE IN THE MUSLIM CULTURE: Germany Just Moved To Make A Law To Prevent Child Marriage

Holy smokes! What does the Muslim culture bring with it when refugees resettle? The answer is CHILD MARRIAGE! Germany has found hundreds of brides including 361 who are under 14-years old!

The dilemma is a legacy of Europe’s migration influx, which has seen more than a million refugees and migrants arrive in Germany over the last two years.

The video below claims this is a new phenomenon with Syrian refugees but this is a CULTURAL event that’s been going on forever….In other words, it is what they know…


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The German government agreed on a proposal Wednesday to outlaw child marriages after finding more than 1,500 cases of immigrant minors having adult spouses.

The Central Register of Foreign Nationals has documented a surge in child marriages in recent years. As of July 2016, 1,500 minors of non-German background were registered as married, including 361 under the age of 14.

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The largest group of child brides, 664 minors, come from Syria followed by Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Children do not belong at the wedding altar, they belong in school,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said Wednesday. “We cannot tolerate any marriages that might harm the natural development of minors.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet wants to annul all marriages where a participant was under the age of 16 at the time of the wedding. Courts would further have the power to nullify marriages involving a person between 16 and 18 years of age.

The current age of consent for all marriages is 16 in Germany. Since the country doesn’t recognize “religious marriages,” authorities can’t do anything to stop the practice from taking place in many cases.

Schools across the country have warned that young girls frequently stop showing up to school after getting married.

“There are frequently cases where a girl, usually between 13 and 15 years of age, suddenly no longer come to school,” an anonymous teacher told newspaper Welt am Sonntag last August.

YEMEN is ridiculous! Islamists want to marry as early as possible just like the founder of the Muslim religion…9-years old!

These poor girls!
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