The Washington Post published an article with a video of 9-year old Ava Lovley of Newport, Maine, in the back seat of the family car, that captured her reaction when her mother, Kim, told her that they were going to a Donald Trump rally in January, 2016.

“We’re Republicans, but we’re not political people at all,” Kim Lovley told us by phone when we spoke on Tuesday afternoon. Ava was a big Trump fan, though, and had been tracking his candidacy since he announced. “She said she loved his hair and that he speaks his mind,” Kim said. And since Ava herself is a bit outspoken, that appealed.

Kim arranged for the family to see Trump at an event in Farmington, N.H., about three miles from Newport, just over the state line. “When I put [the video] on Facebook, basically it was just for our friends and family to see how happy she was,” Kim said. “It wasn’t for any political agenda.” When a friend helped her upload the video to YouTube, though, it blew up. Kim and her husband Jason had been fielding phone calls from members of the media all day.

Neither of them has decided whom to vote for, by the way. “I’d never been to a rally and a rally is not where her mother wanted to be yesterday,” Kim Lovley told us by phone when we spoke on Tuesday afternoon. But “after going to the rally, I was quite compelled by hearing what Mr. Trump had to say. I thought he gave a great rally.”

Ava enjoyed it, too, naturally. “Ava had the Best time!!!,” Jason Lovley reported on Facebook. “She enjoyed every minute!”

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Twitter resurrected the viral video yesterday and tolerant hate-filled liberals have done everything from threatening the little girl to suggesting that her parents should have thrown her out onto the road. Unfortunately, for Democrats, Independent voters have been turned off by their party and the hate they spew. Every time Independent voters see reactions like these to an innocent little girl being attacked for being excited to see her favorite presidential candidate, it helps to confirm who they don’t want to be associated with.

Liberals wasted no time attacking the little girl:

Liberal Twitter users attacked her because of the color of her skin.

Bentley Coop threatened the little 9-year old girl, “I will punch that lil girl in ha face.”

Two different Twitter users used GIF’s to suggest that her parents should have thrown her out of the car or better yet, over a cliff:

This tweet is a perfect example of how liberals have overused the word “racist” that is no longer has any real meaning to most people.

So many Twitter users seem to think that it’s okay to mock her because of her skin color. Of course, liberals never think of themselves as intolerant, but the truth is, they are the most intolerant and racist group of people in America.

And finally, this white Twitter user asks, “Imagine being this white?”

h/t Gateway Pundit

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