Exactly 0.3 percent of Americans are transgender, according to a 2011 report from the Williams Institute.

Apparently National Geographic feels so strongly about addressing transgender issues with pre-pubescent children, that they would place a 9 year old boy dressed as a girl on the cover of their latest magazine that’s distributed around the world.

Because by 9 years old, pretty much every person in the world is 100% in tune with their sexuality…right? And pretty much every person in the world wants a picture of a 9 year old boy dressed as a girl on their coffee table, where they USED to keep their copy of National Geographic…right?

Here is the number:1-800-647-5463 to CANCEL your subscription to National Geographic, or to voice your opinion on their latest cover. 

The cover of National Geographic’s upcoming January issue has sparked outrage online for featuring children questioning their genders and spotlighting what they call a “gender revolution.”
With articles titled, “Making a man,” “Dangerous Lives of Girls,” and “Rethinking Gender,” the publication is dedicating their entire first issue of 2017 to the single topic of the “shifting landscape of gender,” according to a press release.

“To a degree unimaginable a decade ago, the intensely personal subject of gender identity has entered the public square,” the press release states, adding that the issue will hit print newsstands on December 27. –Infowars

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Twitter users wasted no time responding to National Geographic’s tweet

This user is cancelling her subscription:

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This Twitter user calls National Geographic’s use of a 9 year old boy dressed as a girl “irresponsible.”


This Twitter user remembers when NG “used to be worthwhile.”


Don Carpenter accuses NG of “child abuse,” while “meg” seems to think it’s okay to place a 9 year old boy on the cover of a worldwide magazine if “they’re exploring their identity.”


These Twitter users claim the genitalia you’re born with has nothing to do with the sex you actually are. Say what?: 


And finally, this Twitter user pretty much sums it up:



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