A new video filmed by a Trump volunteer in Philadelphia on the eve of the November 2020 election has surfaced. The video that was sharede on Truth Social by True the Vote shows images shared by the volunteer who claims an estimated 40-50 individuals within a one-hour time frame were seen carrying backpacks and large stuffed purses into the Philadelphia Convention Center, where absentee ballots were being counted several hours after the polls had closed.

“We’re at the Philadelphia Convention Center, and there’s potentially some more fraud going on this evening at about 10-11 pm,” a male can be heard saying before he turns the microphone over to a Trump campaign volunteer.

The volunteer explained, “It happened at around 11 pm. So, I’m a volunteer with the Trump campaign. I was told to go to the Philadelphia Convention Center to wait in the lobby to see if I saw anything suspicious.” He explained, “The main thing that we were looking for was large groups of people coming in with suitcases, with bags. And we had been there for no more than 15 minutes when we saw a steady stream of individuals coming in with backpacks and purses—uh, getting in—going through the metal detectors—they had credentials to get in. There must have been at least 40-50 individuals with backpacks coming through within the past hour.

He then explained what happened when they addressed their concerns with law enforcement, “We specifically brought this up with the Philadelphia Police officers who told them, “We’re going to check on this with our superiors and let you know if we can check their bags. I asked multiple times. Finally, a deputy commissioner inside came up to me and questioned me—he was being very aggressive— erratic. I said, ‘Sir, you know, we just want to make sure the bags are being checked. They’re specifically going up to the vote counting area. And when I brought this up, I said, ‘You know, sir, you guys are checking them for weapons, but you’re not specifically checking them for ballots.’ He got very nervous—uh, erratic. He put his hands on his head and said, ‘It’s too late to be dealing with this!’ He immediately went to the Philadelphia Police Department, who then came up to us and said to us that we needed to, uh, leave the lobby.

The volunteer poll worker We had every right to be there. We had a court order that said we could observe ballots, and we weren’t even inside the counting room. We were in the lobby. We weren’t even So; we sat outside of the Philadelphia Convention center for about 35 minutes. We must’ve seen dozens of individuals coming in with backpacks and purses late at night—they were granted easy access to the facility, and after about 45 minutes, officers came out and said we had to get behind the barrier.


In their post on Truth Social, where they share the video, True the Vote asks:

“What do you think?” Adding, “We could never get any Dropbox surveillance video from the metro-Philadelphia area. Maybe this is why?”

True the Vote uses the video as an example of evidence they’re looking for to prove voter fraud in the 2020 election.

If you have video, audio, info to share, please check out the tipline at truethevote.org

As for this video, we’ll add it to the #ripcord. Thanks for sending our way!

“Rip Cord” is the term used by True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips to describe their plans to release all of the information, photographic, and video evidence of voter fraud in the upcoming weeks.


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