On Monday, the New York Post reported about a failed publicity stunt by New York City’s Socialist mayor.  It was pure poetic justice that the weather ruined Mayor de Blasio’s latest stunt — turning his plans to preen about his Green New Deal efforts outside Trump Tower into a humiliating debacle inside the building.

Forced indoors by rain, the mayor found his remarks drowned out by lobby music and protesters, some of whom ruined every picture by holding up “Trump 2020” and “Worst Mayor Ever” signs.

Photo credit: Matthew McDermott

Trump Tower staff turned up the dial on the PA system just moments before the mayor entered the 5th Avenue building. Tony Bennet’s “Stranger in Paradise” and Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” blasted through the speakers during the event.

Trump supporters joined in the noise heckling the mayor with a steady stream of “Boos” and “You s—ks” as he tried to shout over the din.


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DeBlasio tweeted that President Trump is “running scared from NYC’s Green New Deal.” In an unprecedented move, the borderline communist mayor of New York City threatened massive charges the city of New York would impose on Trump Tower to combat phony man-made climate change, “The temper tantrum his organization threw at Trump Tower today is proof. You’re on notice, Donald: we won’t let you mortgage our future for your real estate. Fix your buildings or pay the price. We WILL collect.”

The youngest, and typically  more reserved Trump son, Eric Trump, laid into deBlasio with incontrovertible facts that made the threatening mayor look like a childish fool.

(1/4) The fact that the Mayor of a major city would attack an iconic organization (which employs thousands of hardworking New York taxpayers) for his own political gain is an abuse of power, unethical and simply counterintuitive.

(2/4) Most Mayors do all they can to support great businesses – here in NYC, businesses are attacked for headlines and “political points” and is this very mentality that is causing people to leave our great city in droves.

(3/4) NYC Mayor- if you ever think there is an initiative that would be great for New York, I would be happy to come to city hall and visit you anytime. But forcing a pop-up press conference in our lobby is simply childish.

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(4/4) Maybe one of these days we can work together, an invitation which remains open to you anytime. I wish you and our great city the best.

The childish mayor repsonded: Spare me. You and your dad have spent decades evading taxes and stiffing your workers. NYC’s Green New Deal is one law the Trumps won’t get away with breaking. Fix your buildings or pay the price.

Eric Trump had the last word…and it was spectacular!

Spare me? First you have never created a job in your life. Second, our great city has gone to shit under your leadership. Crime is up, the men & women of the NYPD detest you, homelessness is rampant, our streets are dirty and people are leaving our city in record numbers.




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