One of America’s flagship beverage companies appeared to distance themselves from Black Lives Matter this Monday after previously giving them a generous donation.

The Coca-Cola Company, America’s second-largest soft-drink corporation, removed references to its previous support for Black Lives Matter on its website as the organization comes under fire for aligning itself with the Palestinian cause during the current conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Previously, Coca-Cola’s page discussing its philanthropic efforts on its website said that it donated $500,000 to “support the group’s voting education efforts and their February 2021 Black Future Month program.”

Now the company only mentions that it started a ‘Give Back’ program to fight ‘racial injustice’, but removed any references to BLM.

“We’re in this for the long haul,” brand lead Aaliyah Shafiq noted on the website. “Lasting change will not happen overnight, so we’re committed to continuing to amplify the voices and efforts of our community, to listen and learn, and to actively help create a better shared future for America.”

People were quick to notice and criticize the change that didn’t come with a public apology or clarification.

“Editing your website is not enough,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) said. “Americans DEMAND an apology.”

The controversy originated from a Black Lives Matter Chicago social media post that featured a picture of a Hamas terrorist on a paraglider.

Hamas militants used paragliders to infiltrate Israeli territory and went on to kill numerous innocent civilians at a music festival and inside their homes.

Should Coca-Cola release an official statement distancing itself from BLM?  Let us know in the comments.

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