Imam Tawhidi is an outspoken voice in the Muslim community, who is unafraid to openly condemn Islamic extremists. After the terror attack today on the streets of New York City by a radical Muslim who was allegedly here on a “diversity visa”, Imam Tawidi took off the gloves on Twitter and told the world that he warned Mayor DeBlasio, but was “Ignored!”

Tawhidi regularly tweets about the evils of extreme Islam:

The Australian Imam is young, well presented and articulate. He is charming, has successfully utilized social media and has a strong following amongst the Australian public. Perhaps most importantly to a government that yearns for unity amongst its electorate, Tawhidi is an immigrant who champions the integration of fellow expats into the Australian community. The complete package, as it were.

He isn’t shy about calling out Islamic extremists and the people who suffer under Islamic extremist rule. Yesterday, Imam Tawhidi tweeted about his friend who was beaten to death by the Basij Militia of Iran over his anti-terrorist views:

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However, there is a barrier preventing Australian elites from supporting this maverick cleric, and that is that he does not follow the liberal narrative. Instead of simply condemning obscene teachings associated with his religion, Tawhidi demands modification. Rather than apologize for shortcomings within the immigrant community, the Imam has called for immediate action, encouraging a ban on Islamic schools and Islamist organizations like Hizb’ut Tahrir. Through this, Tawhidi has even received the endorsement of none other than Ayaan Hirsi Ali – perhaps the most famous anti-Islamist (and Islamic) activist in the world – who has suggested that Tawhidi should be ‘elevated’ to sit amongst and give counsel to politicians and leaders.

Tawhidi is, therefore, one of those rare public figures: a reformer who not only denounces elements of Islam but actually seeks to restructure its teachings and interpretations. However, in the current global environment, the courage to promote such ideas inevitably leads to danger; the threat of violence is so present that Tawhidi has been forced to implement constant security measures in both his professional and private life. –The Spectator 

One might believe that a courageous person like Imam Tawhidi would be a valuable ally to America in their efforts to defeat radical Islam in the United States.  Based on the Imam’s tweets, following the terror attack by a “diversity visa” holder in NYC, it appears that Mayor DeBlasio didn’t find his warnings to be useful.

Imam Tawhidi claims he personally sent letters to Mayor DeBlasio, and that he “did nothing.”

Tawidi then tweeted that after warning DeBlasio about “hot radical centers” in NYC, he was “Ignored!”

Imam Tawhidi explained that he’s not some crackpot Imam trying to get attention, he actually holds a certificate in counter-terrorism.

Tawhidi really blasted DeBlasio and all of the wasted energy he expends on trying to bring down President Trump and not Islamic Extremists.

Imam Tawhidi went on to slam the Mayor DeBlasio of NYC and Mayor Sadiq Kahn of London who offered NYC his condolences after the terror attack:

Here is Tawhidi’s reply:

Spectator – It was during this overseas study, in 2014, that Tawhidi saw it as his duty to speak out against the questionable elements enshrined in his religion. On a sunny day in the Iraqi city of Karbala, Tawhidi was standing outside a mosque when, within earshot, a bomb exploded. As crowds ran from the scene and emergency crews rushed to help the survivors, the speakers of the mosque announced to the street below that Islamic State forces had invaded Mosul. If ever there was a time to speak out against Islamist terrorism, it was then.

However, Tawhidi’s campaigning has attracted many critics within the Islamic community itself. Calling for the closure of Islamic schools is bound to court controversy, but it is his contention that Islamic teachings are the causal link to Islamist terrorist acts that seems to really rile community leaders. Following the Manchester bombing, Tawhidi appeared in a fiery TV exchange with Dr. Jamal Rifi, imploring his fellow guest to acknowledge that the Islamic holy scripture ‘teach(es) the beheading of people’.

Perhaps Tawhidi is just the kind of person America, and the know-it-all liberals in European nations, who are being overrun by Islamic extremists posing as immigrants, need to be listening to, and perhaps next time, they might want to consider taking his warnings seriously… 

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