Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is now a Democrat Senator, is reportedly planning to run for President in 2020. Is it some sort of prerequisite that Democrat candidates have a history of dirty politics before announcing a run for the highest office in our nation? Is it possible Kamala Harris is behind one of the most disgusting cases of injustice against an American citizen since the inauguration of President Trump, simply because it’s easy to target a “Trump supporter” for an Islamic hate crime?

Rebel Media: Attacking someone for their politics could be expected from private citizens acting out against each other, but what about government and law enforcement officials?

The Rebel has investigated the case of Mark Feigin, a California Trump supporter who was wrongfully accused of and charged with an anti-Muslim hate crime.

On October 19, 2016, Feigin was arrested and charged with making a “criminal threat” and “annoying phone calls” against the Islamic Center of Southern California by the Los Angeles Police Department, and then by California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

LAPD officers accused Feigin of making two threatening phone calls and claimed that they had traced the phone calls back to him, later labeling the calls a hate crime against Muslims.

On October 19th, 2016, Feigin’s home was raided by the LAPD and his weapons were confiscated and placed on display for the media during a press conference where the California Media and LAPD were complicit in portraying Feigin as a potential mass murderer.

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Cmdr. Horace Frank with the Los Angeles Police Department stated in a press conference in October 2016:

“The male caller threatened to kill the person who answered the phone along with other members of the center because of the caller’s hatred for Muslims and his belief that Muslims will destroy the United States.”

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The Rebel has obtained new documents and evidence through police disclosure surrounding the case which proves that the first phone call made to the Islamic Center came from the phone of a different California man, Michael Slawson.

Michael Slawson is the son of Democratically appointed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Slawson.

In other words, Slawson’s father is a judge in the same justice system under which Feigin was charged.

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