Don’t mess with daddy’s little girl! Ivanka Trump is nobody’s fool and she is clearly not about to allow the media to define her father as someone he is not…

“He beat 16 incredibly capable, competent people in the Republican primaries, so it’s not my place to change his campaign.”

“He fights the fighters that he feels are important for this country and he’ll bring that same spirit and that same energy to the White House. And I think people want somebody who’s going to fight for them and he will be a champion of the people.” 

When asked whether she could provide some examples of where she and her father disagreed on policy or strategy, she demurred.

Her advice is provided “privately, because that’s the nature of our relationship,” she said. “But I’m very inspired by what he’s done.”

To critics who call her father’s temperament “volatile,” Ivanka Trump challenged the characterization, calling her father “incredibly level-headed.”

“I think that he fights, and he’s strong, and he’s had to fight. He has a lot of people coming at him,” Trump said sitting in a windowless room deep beneath Cobo Center, in Detroit, where the Republican presidential nominee addressed nearly 1,500 business executives and supporters.

Now is not the time to start telling Donald Trump to alter his approach after so much success, according to his daughter.

The New York City real estate magnate who has never run for elected office “beat 16 incredibly capable, competent people in the Republican primaries, so it’s not my place to tell him to change his campaigning style,” Ivanka Trump said.

“I have a very close relationship with my father,” she said. “I always have, since I was a young girl. But over the last decade, I’ve worked right along side of him, side-by-side with both of my adult brothers at the Trump Organization,” she said. “He’s been an amazing parent to me and an amazing father, so we have the great familial connection but we have also worked together as executives.”

She graduated from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, the same school attended by her father. Before joining the Trump Organization in 2005, Ivanka Trump worked at Forest City Enterprises as a real estate project manager. Via: Detroit Free Press

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