The “religion of peace” will be knocking on his door in short order. We pray that he has been offered security by  a nation who is truly serious about identifying and eradicating the enemy…

The son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef (who was recently taken into Israeli custody) does not believe in his dad’s mission.

In fact, on a 2014 appearance on Hannity, he defended Israel and denounced Hamas as terrorists.

“Hamas movement is not a national movement and it’s not a humanitarian organization. Hamas is a terrorist organization with a humanitarian face to it,” Yousef said. “Hamas organization is simply a terrorist organization. She simply does not care about the lives of Palestinians, she does not care about the lives of Israelis.”

Now, in a recently unearthed video, he goes even further, making it clear he thinks Allah is a terrorist too.

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Calling Allah a “God of torture” Mosab Hassan Yousef made it clear Allah is the true terrorist and the cause of Hamas’ misguided actions. Via: DownTrend

Watch the full video of Yousef speaking out against Islam and Hamas above

Here he is exposing the truth about Hamas to FOX News’ Sean Hannity:


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