Yesterday, Beverly Young Nelson sat with the same leftist lawyer, Gloria Allred, who came out after Donald Trump with false allegations of sexual harassment against Donald Trump before the election and made a public statement, claiming she was sexually assaulted by Judge Roy Moore when she was a teenager. 

Today, Beverly Young Nelson’s son Darrel Nelson made a public Facebook video to let America know he’s behind Judge Roy Moore and that believes his stepmother is not telling the truth about Judge Moore sexually assaulting her when she was a teen.

Here is part of his transcript:

Good evening. As I said today, I found out today, that my stepmother is one of the ladies that’s accusing Judge Moore of an act that supposedly happened when she was a teenager. My father’s name is John Allen Nelson. The woman that’s committed this act against Mr. Moore, is Beverly Young Nelson. It’s hard for me to actually have this conversation, but it must be done. Mr. Moore, I support you. I don’t believe the acts that she’s claimed you’ve done. I don’t believe it. I’ve known the woman, she married my father many, many years ago, I’ve known her for a while now, and I truly do not believe that she’s being honest about this. You’re a good judge. I’ve growed up, I’ve known your name since I was a kid. You cared about the ten commandments. You tried like hell to keep the ten commandments from being taken out of the courthouse. I remember. 

I’ve been a member of Etowah County my whole life. I was born here. Now I’m twisted. 

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To you Mr. Moore, and to your wife, I do apologize. For whatever reason, she’s doing this, and I am truly sorry. I stand behind you 100%. And to my stepmother, for whatever reasons you did this–Why did you, I have a few questions about this: Why did you wait so long if this did happen? You waited, you said you were a teenager when it happened. Well, here it now, how many years later? And all of a sudden, now you’re gonna bring it up when he’s fixin’ to go, and we done votin’ him into the House, and you’re trying to get him took out. I’ve tried to keep quiet on your name because I see your name flying around everywhere.

But I am a Moore supporter, but officially, this is the statement I’ve been meaning to make. I know I’m gonna get some backlash from my family, but that’s okay. 

We the people made the decision. It’s over. Democrats are taking a shot at it, using any and everybody they can get so they can tarnish his record, to get a Democrat to take his place. Well, I’m sorry. We’re not gonna have that. 

For whatever reason, she’s done what she’s done. This needs to end now. 

So with this official statement, I stand with Moore, all the way. I’m reaching out to you Mr. Moore. If you need me to make a public statement, I’ll do so on your behalf. 




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