Remember when US Border agents praised Trump’s border for keeping foreigners from illegally entering the United States?

There’s no question that under the leadership of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, Americans are no longer feeling safe. Here’s a recent video showing how easy the new Biden (Obama) regime is making it for  people from around the world to come to America. There is no longer a need for health exams or criminal background checks. If you live in another country and can make it to our southern border, you simply need to cross the border—our US Border agents will load you safely into a van where you’ll receive toiletries and snacks from Catholic Social Services or other “religious” groups who will give you what you need.

Once you cross the US border, you might receive a health check, although it’s very likely the border agents are too busy changing diapers to take your temperature. You probably won’t receive a criminal background check, but you will receive free transportation to a red state that needs more Democrat voters.

Of course, once you get to your new pre-determined home, you’ll need to get on the government dole. Once you see how easy it is to rely on the American taxpayer to pay your bills, you may decide to take an extended vacation. As long as you vote Democrat in every election, you can continue to eat, sleep and go to school in America and never have to worry about becoming a contributing member of society.

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Former U.S. Deputy Asst. Secretary of the Interior Jeremy Carl tweeted about a call he received from a friend today who lives in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. According to Carl, his friend is not particularly political or an alarmist, but he called him today to tell him that on his flight today, there were about 50 illegal aliens on the plane who were mostly from Guatemala. Carl’s friend explained that most of them were either not wearing masks or were not wearing them correctly and that many were displaying obvious signs of COVID.

A friend who accompanied Carl’s friend on the flight spoke Spanish and engaged some of the illegal aliens on the flight. According to Carl’s friend’s friend, the illegal aliens told him they were being sent to different locations around the US.

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An unidentified friend who is part of a volunteer border patrol group shared this photo of illegal aliens in an airport waiting to board a plane to their new home in America. According to the volunteer border patrol agent, the illegal aliens are wearing DHS identification tags:

Yesterday, we reported that there’s been a “900% increase” in illegals testing positive for COVID within the first two weeks of July at the Rio Grande border entrance. Five of those people who tested positive are in the hospital now…

While Joe Biden is hinting at forcing our kids to wear masks to school in the fall, it’s a free-for-all for illegal aliens coming to America with COVID.

COVID-positive foreigners who are being given free passage into America are infecting our US Border agents.

Watch this stunning KURV Sergio radio show with US Border Patrol Chief Hastings, where he talks about how 44 border agents have been recently infected with COVID and how 5 are hospitalized. According to Hastings, they’ve lost 2 agents to COVID and the incredibly high infection rate.

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