A Subway employee who’ll be going to jail for a hateful act was caught on video adding drugs to lemonade that a police officer ordered. The idiotic employee must have forgotten that he was on video! Yes, caught in the act!
Subway issued a statement after the employee was arrested and fired:
“We are shocked by these charges,” the statement said. “Our thoughts are with the Sergeant and his family and we are hoping for a quick recovery. The restaurant owners are working closely with the police in their investigation and will take appropriate action.”

A teenage Subway employee was arrested Monday in Utah after investigators say the sandwich shop worker purposely tainted a police officer’s drink with illegal drugs.
Tanis Lloyd Ukena, 18, was arrested Monday evening on suspicion of felony surreptitious administration of a poisonous substance, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
Authorities say the teen was working the drive-thru of Subway in nearby Layton when an unidentified law enforcement officer in uniform dropped by earlier that afternoon and ordered a lemonade. After reviewing surveillance camera footage and conducting tests on the drink, investigators determined that the employee deliberately drugged the cop — a second-degree felony.
“In the video, (Ukena) is seen filling the drink portion of the order at the drive-up fountain area,” according to a Davis County Jail report acquired by KSL-TV. “For some unknown reason, he walks away from the fountain machine out of camera view. He then returns to the drink where he is seen spending what seems to be an unusual amount of time getting it ready to deliver to the sergeant.”

The officer who ordered the drink had several sips and later stated that it “tasted funny,” according to the report. Soon the apparent drugs began taking their toll, and the officer eventually had to be briefly hospitalized.

“The (sergeant) began feeling the effects of being drugged,” the report stated. “While approaching an intersection that had a red light, he had difficulty getting his foot to move to the brake pedal. (He) drove to the Layton Police Department, where he was observed to have signs of impairment. He was unable to process information and drifted off, and was unable to focus on questions being asked of him.”

“He would have thoughts, but his body wouldn’t react to it,” recalled Layton Police Sgt. Clint Bobrowski, a colleague who saw firsthand how the affected officer reacted to the tainted lemonade. “So if he was trying to move his arm, his arm wouldn’t move when he thought it should. He was having a hard time maintaining his focus. He was having a hard time maintaining his body. His body was jerking. And for a trained police officer watching him, it was everything I’ve seen in people who abuse illegal narcotics.”
Subsequent analysis revealed that the drink tested positive for traces of both methamphetamine and THC, the high-inducing chemical found in marijuana.

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