Ohio Governor John Kasich: Dreamers didn’t choose to come here, but they made the best of it. We should welcome them – Ohio welcomes them…

Cleveland 19 reported:

Ohio’s outspoken Republican governor on Wednesday blasted President Donald Trump’s decision to begin dismantling the Obama-era program protecting young immigrants brought into the country illegally.

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On “CBS This Morning,” Gov. John Kasich said “putting kids, young people who are contributors in jeopardy” isn’t the American way.

“This is not the America that we all love. This is a melting pot,” Kasich said. “And, by the way, if the Dreamers want to go somewhere and live? Come to Ohio. We want all the immigrants to come to Ohio, because we know how much they contribute to America.”

Kasich, a 2016 presidential rival, was reacting to Trump’s plan to reject all new applications to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, and formally rescind the program.[…]

Kasich, the grandson of Czech and Croatian immigrants, observed on CBS: “I wouldn’t be in America if it wasn’t for immigration. Who knows? Maybe I’d be the president of Croatia.”

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