On Friday, actor James Woods tweeted a video showing how much of a joke the Democrat-run city of West Hollywood has become after they replaced police officers with unarmed “security ambassadors.”

In January 2022, woke West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne – who was, at the time, a councilwoman – led a vote to cut funding for the sheriff’s department and instead hire unarmed “safety ambassadors.” Shyne praised this move as getting the best “bang for the buck” and preached about the need for the city to practice fiscal responsibility.

West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne (D)

Meanwhile, Shyne pushed for the city to spend $85,000 on renovating its LGBT crosswalk to make it more “inclusive.”

Shamefully, the woke city chose to cut back on citywide safety and instead paint more colors on a crosswalk to honor the LGBTQ community.

Now, rather than real police officers, the city has security ambassadors who, according to the city’s website, responded to non-violent calls for service, conduct safety escorts, and “offer helpful guidance” regarding directions and parking.

In no way do these ambassadors improve safety, especially since they are not meant to get involved in any violent scenarios. How are they supposed to actually keep anyone safe or deter criminals?

A video shared on Twitter by actor James Woods shows one man kicking another’s vehicle in the middle of the street, right in front of two security ambassadors. The vehicle’s driver got out and the two began to physically brawl in the middle of the street while the two security ambassadors stood just feet away, hardly seeming to take notice and making no move to intervene.

Commenting on the video, Woods wrote, “Notoriously liberal West Hollywood had the brilliant idea of replacing police officers with unarmed ‘safety ambassadors.’ Let’s take a peek at how that’s worked out during an assault in progress…”


While the ambassadors very well might have radioed for backup from the real police officers, that’s something that anyone else could have done without being paid for it.

Ethan Reynolds, the person who recorded the video, spoke about their concerns regarding safety and security in West Hollywood.

“If the Block by Block Ambassadors are not empowered to mitigate situations like this, which do seem to occur often in West Hollywood, truly it does give us a false sense of security and I think that’s extremely frustrating as a resident,” Reynolds said. “If it’s just a secondary step for providing true intervention, I just don’t see the point.”

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