Yesterday, we posted videos of “Creepy Joe Biden” rubbing his hands all over the upper bodies of little girls whose parents or grandparents were present, while photographers and videographers were snapping photos and capturing footage of the uncomfortable interactions.

Joe Biden didn’t earn his nickname “Creepy Joe” or “Creepy Uncle Joe” for his good behavior. Sadly, “Creepy Joe” earned his nickname after he was caught numerous times groping women and young girls on camera. Of course, the media gives Joe Biden a pass, because he’s a Democrat, and if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past 4 decades, it’s that high-profile members of the Democrat Party, like accused rapist Bill Clinton, can’t be held accountable for their “playful” sexual advances towards women, and in the especially creepy Joe Biden’s case, young girls.

The video below is a perfect example of how Democrats have been allowed to blatantly abuse their power for decades, while both parties and the media look the other way. In 2011, Kelly Ayotte was being sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden. The video starts with Joe Biden standing alone when Ayotte’s little 6-year old daughter Kate, catches his eye. Like a moth to the light, Biden seeks her out. “Who is that beautiful child?”Biden asks. Biden then turns around and appears to be looking to see if anyone is watching him as he approaches her. Kate’s mother, Kelly Ayotte rushes over when she sees Biden attempting to interact with her daughter and tells her to “come on out” from hiding. Biden strikes up a conversation with Kelly Ayotte while stroking the head of her toddler son and talking in a weird hushed tone. All the while, Biden appears to be keeping his eye on the prize (Ayotte’s daughter Kate). Meanwhile, Ayotte’s husband appears to be having a private conversation with his daughter when Biden, who can’t help himself, moves over closer to the dad, shakes his hand and for no apparent reason, tells her father that “She can have whatever she wants.” Biden then attempts to strike up a conversation with the little girl, asking her, “How old are you?”. When it appears the Ayotte family is ready for the swearing-in ceremony, Biden begins to direct the family, as to where they are to stand. He makes what appears to be a calculated decision for the little girl to stand next to him. Biden then proceeds to grind his groin area into the little girl over and over. The little girl is visibly uncomfortable in the video. Biden can be seen strangely stroking the head and hair of Ayotte’s daughter as he swears Kelly Ayotte in the US Senate.

As the Ayotte family attempts to leave the swearing-in ceremony, the cringe-worthy VP pulls the little Ayotte girl back into him and leans in to whisper dating advice in her ear (for the second time). As Joe leans in, he begins to stroke her head with both hands and leans down to kiss the little girl he just met on the head. Little 6-yr. old Kate is clearly uncomfortable with his unwanted mauling. Joe appears to be very accomplished at making small talk, especially about his own young grandchildren, which is likely a great way to deflect the parent’s suspicion from him while he strokes the heads and bodies, young girls. The stroking of her hair and rubbing of Kate’s body with his hands continues for much too long before the Ayotte family finally exits the room, at which time, Biden looks around and asks if anyone else wants to be sworn in (hopefully, with young children in tow).


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