GENERAL MCINERNEY IS ON FIRE IN THIS INTERVIEW! General McInerney is calling for President Trump to prepare for war with North Korea and calls this Trump’s “Cuban Missile Crisis”. Mid-interview (the 1:50 point) is when General McInerney drops the “Songbird” nickname…Wow!

You can tell their is no love lost between the General and McCain. Why did he call McCain songbird?
Many believe that John “Songbird” McCain spilled his guts to get out of being tortured. There is evidence that McCain received ‘special’ medical treatment from a Soviet physician and other ‘considerations’ to avoid being tortured just so he could come home.

No one disputes that McCain was a Vietnam POW, he spent 5½ years in captivity in North Vietnam when he was shot down in his Skyhawk dive bomber on Oct. 26, 1967, and was taken prisoner with fractures in his right leg and both arms.

Despite the notoriety he received upon his return he has been the subject of damning articles, and criticism by other veterans, and for good reason. McCain has a lot to hide, and has gone to great length to keep what happened in Vietnam a secret.

He voted against a bill that was otherwise unanimously passed that would have released sealed records that would have revealed what happened in Vietnam, presumably because those records would have confirmed his dishonorable actions.
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