Intelligence was Disclosed to Deter Russia from Using Chemical Weapons… With No Evidence Russia Would Use Chemical Weapons

Three separate US Officials told NBC News this week that with very little actual intelligence, the US has “disclosed” that Russia has chemical weapons in Ukraine and has gone to China for military aid, when in fact the intelligence does not support that either of those are true.

“It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence when we talk about it…” one US official stated, as it is insinuated that the purpose of disclosing this “intelligence” is to “preempt the Russians.”

“The intelligence wasn’t very clear about precisely what was going on… This is an unprecedented use of declassified intelligence.

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While NBC News praises this as a brilliant strategy, it is nothing more than blatant lying by the Biden administration. Recall when liberal media and Democrats criticized the US’s intelligence on Iraq? Now blatant and intentional lying about one’s enemies is praised and employed by these same outlets.

US Officials are admitting to blatant lying and warmongering. Biden is caught saying “They’re also suggesting that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine, that’s a clear sign he’s [Putin] considering using both of those.”

They call it information warfare, but to us it just looks like Biden lying again.

No matter where you stand on the Russia-Ukraine war, there is no excuse for intelligence agencies and Democrats to make up claims about a war on the other side of the world with little to no intelligence to actually back them up.

NBC News believes that this is to “preempt the Russians” and Chinese into not escalating the war, however, it could also be construed as mere war-propaganda. Are intelligence offices actually trying to drum up support and justification for intervention in Ukraine?

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