Who knew, that one of the wealthiest entertainers in America and the New Black Panthers biggest cheerleader, has a sister who is also a perpetual victim of racism? 


When she’s not beating the shit out of her brother-in-law Jay-Z in an elevator, Solange Knowles is a professional victim of racism. Beyoncé’s crazier less talented sister recently attended a concert, as a fan not as a performer, and wouldn’t you know it, racism reared it’s ugly head. Apparently someone asked her to sit down and since she is black, it was a hostile act of racial aggression.

If you have nothing better to do, and haven’t already witnessed the circus that ensues when a celebrity husband cheats on his celebrity wife with another woman, forcing the sister to even the score in an elevator, you can watch it here:

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Back to the Solange and her racist manifesto, where she goes to great lengths to explain the racism she encounters in just about every aspect of her life, like the time she got pulled over or the other time she had to show her passport crossing an international border. She describes the perpetrators of racism as, “a product of their white supremacy and are exercising it on you without caution, care, or thought.”

The main point of this crazy thing was what happened to her at a recent concert. It’s written from a weird 2nd person perspective, but this is what I was able to figure out:

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Solange took her 11-year-old son to a Kraftwerk concert. They arrived late, despite Solange’s claim that she is a big fan. Right off the bat an elderly black usher had to tell her son to stop vaping. Solange claims her young son was not vaping, so therefore it was racism.

It gets worse. Solange was standing up and dancing when someone behind her asked her to sit down. She refused to sit and eventually someone threw a slice of lime at her. Again: racism. She turned around to confront whoever threw the lime but nobody’s white privilege would let them admit to it. For the third time, she experienced racism.

Granted, this is a one-sided explanation of things. It’s entirely possible that Solange was being rude and obnoxious and the people behind her gave her a gentile reminder to behave herself in public. Then again, maybe none of this stuff even happened.

The crazy level rises significantly when Solange tries to put her harrowing experience in perspective by saying:

You constantly see the media having a hard time contextualizing black women and men as victims every day, even when it means losing their own lives.

Shit, can you believe she almost died in this racist lime attack?

She then says that she isn’t claiming this incident was racism, even though she said it many times, and chides the media for potentially reporting it that way, followed immediately by this:

This is why many black people are uncomfortable being in predominately white spaces

From there Solange rants about all of the racism in America and ends with the odd statement that she has “many white friends.” You know, to prove she doesn’t hate white people or something.

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