Yesterday, Ariel Dumas, a writer for CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” tweeted about how no matter the outcome, she was grateful that the Left was able to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s life.

“Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life,” the writer, Ariel Dumas, posted on Twitter. Dumas later briefly made her account private, preventing others from viewing her posts without her approval.


After Dumas was called out for making such an inredibly hateful remark on Twitter, she backtracked and apolgized, citing how “incredibly hard” these last couple of weeks have been for the country and for her personally.

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Twitter users were’nt buying her excuse. Steve Link questioned her level of maturity and asked if that was how she was brought up to behave:

No maturity. “At least we ruined his life.” Is that what you were raised to be like. The guy has a family for god sake. Must be nice to work at a liberal institution where they don’t care what is said as long as it’s negative towards the right.

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“Village Idiot” told Dumas that  he didn’t see the “sarcasm” in her post.

Kate Sidley another writer for the leftist, political hack, Stephen Colbert, came forward to defend Dumas, calling anyone who questioned what kind of person would say such a horrible thing a “monster”.

This Twitter user, who goes by the name “[email protected]” echoed what so many people on social media are saying, “I am so happy for libtards like you…I swing more right everyday…and guess what? The right is growing everyday!”

The Left’s unfounded attacks on Brett Kavanaugh and his family, in an attempt to destroy his chances of becoming a Supreme Court Justice, may be the worst miscalculation the Democrat Party has made since they believed Hillary would win in a landslide…

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