As it turns out, police brutality really isn’t the issue at all. It’s about dividing a nation down racial lines and the good police men and women are just part of a scheme by the Left that is being orchestrated in the highest office of our nation…

Police investigating the fatal shooting of a six-year-old autistic boy by two Louisiana state marshals are looking into whether one of the cops had a grudge with the child’s father.

Jeremy Mardis was shot five times in the head and chest as he sat in the passenger seat of his father Chris Few’s car last week by officers Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse.

Investigators are exploring the possibility that Greenhouse, 23, had a personal issue with Few, after Few’s fiancée Megan Dixon said the marshal had been messaging her on Facebook and coming round to their home.


Ms Dixon has previously said she ‘was the reason this all started’, adding that she knew what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting.

Few and Ms Dixon were drinking Budweisers and shots of tequila in T.J.’s Lounge and pool bar that evening before getting into an argument, the Denver Post reported.

She announced to the bar that they were not seeing each other any more and started dancing with one of the barmen.

Few reportedly stormed out of the bar, kicking a door as he left, before getting into a blazing row with Ms Dixon in the parking lot.

They drove off in different vehicles and someone called 911.

A short while later, after Few had picked up Jeremy, he pulled up next to Ms Dixon at a red light and asked her to come home with him. She said she declined because she was ‘stubborn’.

As she pulled away, Ms Dixon said she saw two marshals’ cars approaching from behind with their lights flashing.

She said she saw Few was pointing at his son’s head, showing that he was in the car and he wasn’t sure what to do.

Ms Dixon later told local newspaper Town Talk: ‘No, [Few] didn’t have a gun because I’m the reason why this all started. And I know what happened.’

According to investigators, Few drove down a cul-de-sac as marshals Greenhouse and Stafford came round the corner.


Police say Few started reversing and at this point the men opened fire, pumping 18 bullets into the SUV, five of which hit Jeremy in the head and chest.

cop killers

Police are investigating whether Greenhouse (left) had a grudge with Few, who was said to have confronted the cop over Facebook messages and visit to his fiancee. Pictured right, Stafford

Few’s attorney says footage from a bodycam worn by one of the cops shows the father putting his hands up before the officers started firing.

Col. Edmonson on Friday described the footage as ‘the most disturbing thing I’ve seen’.

He added: ‘That video was incredible. I mean, as a father, much less head of the state police, I looked at that tape, I said this is incredibly disturbing.’

Initial reports suggested the marshals had a warrant but it was subsequently discovered that they did not, and it is not known why they pursued Few.

Greenhouse and Stafford were charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. They are being held on $1million bonds.

As you can see here, these two cops were about as bad as two cops can be. Since neither of them are white, and the victim is white, this is a non-story to the citizens who are reportedly “so concerned” about police brutality: 

Via: Daily Mail



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