One week ago, US citizens (and non-citizens) voted in the highly contentious midterm elections. As predicted, the GOP lost the House, but not by much. President Trump’s supporters helped to push many Republicans over the finish line in races where Democrats were dumping millions in dollars of out-of-state money into campaigns for candidates who were virtually unknown until they decided to run for seats in Congress.

So far, according to Vox, 32 US House seats have flipped from Republican to Democrat.

On election night, it was reported that Democrats had a 27 seat advantage over Republicans seats in the US House of Representatives.

Only one week later, it’s now being reported that after multiple cases of uncounted absentee, “lost”, and/or provisional ballots, the Democrats are set to gain many more seats in Congress, including seats in Republican stronghold counties.

The media, of course, is blaming President Trump…

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ABC Politics reporter, Johnny Verhovek joined others in the mainstream media to push a narrative that President Trump is to blame for House losses, this time, in S. Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

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But most of us know better. We’ve seen the massive rallies that President Trump held in key states leading up to the elections. Every day, we watch an enormous outpouring of support for our president on social media, like we have never in all of our eight years on Facebook with a massive following, witnessed.

So, what are Republicans to make of this 11th hour blow out of Republican candidates and current Republican members of Congress by Democrat candidates, many of them newcomers or virtually unknown candidates? And more importantly, how are we going to guarantee that we never see this kind of election happens again, with a massive number of Democrat votes coming in weeks after the actual election?

It’s not enough to simply talk about it, Americans want, and frankly, they deserve action from our elected officials to stop the stealing, or at the least the perception of stealing our votes.

The last time we checked, we’re still voting in America.

Here are just some of the latest stunning results of last-minute vote tabulations in California.

California Republicans lost a fourth seat in the House on Tuesday as Democrat Josh Harder gained enough votes to oust GOP Rep. Jeff Denham in the San Joaquin Valley.

Democrat Josh Harder (L) Republican Congressman Jeff Denham (R)

Denham’s loss, projected by the Associated Press, came amid signs that two other Republican seats are also in growing jeopardy. The continuing tallies of hundreds of thousands of ballots cast in the Nov. 6 midterm election are consistently favoring Democrats, underscoring the increasingly bleak fortunes of the California GOP.

In Orange County’s latest ballot count Tuesday, Republican Rep. Mimi Walters fell 261 votes behind her Democratic challenger, Katie Porter. Walters finished election night more than 6,200 votes ahead, but her lead steadily dwindled until it vanished on Tuesday.

Democrat Katie Porter (L) Republican Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R)

Young Kim, the Republican running to succeed GOP Rep. Ed Royce of Fullerton, saw her lead over Democrat Gil Cisneros shrink to 711 votes in the updated Orange and Los Angeles county tallies.

Democrat Gil Cisneros (L) Republican Young Kim (R)


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