Multiple large X accounts have shared an alleged email stating they’ll need to “verify their ID” to continue receiving payouts on the platform.

For ID verification, creators must provide their government-issued ID and biometric data.

The information provided by creators would be sent to AU10TIX, an identify verification company based in Israel.

“In order to be monetized on X beginning July 1st, users will have to give Israeli intelligence company AU10TIX access to their government-issued ID and biometric data,” AF Post writes.

“The founder of AU10TIX, Ron Atzmon, is a retired member of the IDF’s clandestine unit 8200, which provides Israel with 90% of its intelligence material,” the outlet added.





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“welp it was fun getting paid by X while it lasted,” American Journal host Harrison H. Smith commented.


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“You demand to have my biometric data in exchange for the privilege of creating & monetizing on your platform? I don’t want your blood money,” Shannon Joy wrote.

“Au10tix is an Israeli company and part of a group launched by members of Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, Shin Bet. You’ve been had, people. X is Israel. Musk is Israel. Israel’s government, intelligence and military network, is the Cult,” David Icke wrote.

“Just got this email from @X. There is a zero percent chance I’m giving Israeli intelligence my government ID & biometric data so I can stay monetized on this platform. It’s a shame, too –– I’d been considering opening a subscription & posting much more content on it. Oh well,” Sovereign Brah said.

“This app has officially become a honeypot operation for Israeli intelligence. Moving forward, if you want to make money on X, you’ll need to give your government ID to a company run by ‘former’ Israeli intelligence members. Unreal. All creators need to speak up about this,” he added.


* Image from Sovereign Brah *

“X Premium subscribers are concerned about their personal data after the company announced it works with AU10TIX, a company with close links to Israeli intelligence,” TRT World wrote.


Read more about X’s ID verification policy controversy from our prior report last September.

X ID Verification Goes Live

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