X, formerly known as Twitter, has launched its ID verification feature on the platform’s web version.

Premium users can now verify their identities on the platform using a government-issued ID.


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The ID verification process is touted as a way to “prevent impersonation” and gain “prioritized support” from the platform.

However, 100 Percent Fed Up has warned ID verification plays into the digital ID agenda.

X Leading Us Into Digital ID Slavery System?

From our prior reporting:

The ID verification process includes submitting a selfie and uploading a government-issued ID.

App researcher Nima Owji first uncovered the unreleased X feature and shared a screenshot of the ID verification process.

“X keeps working on the ID verification. You should upload a photo of your ID and take a live selfie,” Owji wrote.

“I consent to X sharing images of my ID, including biometric data, and personal data from my profile with Au10tix for the purpose of confirming my identity. I also consent to X storing my ID images, including biometric data, for up to 30 days and using it and data from my profile for the purposes of safety and security, including preventing impersonation,” the screenshot read.

“Owji, who often uncovers unreleased features in X, first spotted an ‘ID verified’ badge on Musk’s profile earlier this month. Now, he’s discovered an in-app message detailing how it works, suggesting that it may be getting closer to an official launch,” Engadget reports.

By submitting to the ID verification process, X users consent to allowing the platform to share their personal data, government-issued ID, and biometrics with a third-party “identity intelligence” company.

“The social network has partnered with Israel-based Au10tix for identity verification solutions. The pop-up for ID verification indicates that the Au10tix could store this data for up to 30 days,” TechCrunch reports.

Per TechCrunch:

X’s support page for verification suggests that, while ID verification is available in “numerous countries,” it is not available in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and the United Kingdom. This is most likely because of the stringent data protection laws of the region.

The ID-based verification seems like a preempted step that currently leads to almost no benefits. The company said it might age-gate some content based on the age derived from the ID.


“X currently focuses on account authentication to prevent impersonation and may explore additional measures, such as ensuring users have access to age-appropriate content and protecting against spam and malicious accounts, to maintain the integrity of the platform and safeguard healthy conversations,” it said.

Users who go through the verification badge will have a note that says that their government ID was verified. But you can only see it when you click on the blue checkmark on the profile page. The company also said that users with ID verification will get “prioritized support from X Services,” but it is hard to understand what this means.

Au10tix fully supports the digital ID agenda.

Au10tix writes:

Digital identities have been making waves lately as a potential game-changer in replacing traditional documents such as passports and driving licenses. These systems offer convenience and improved security, presenting an opportunity to revolutionize identification processes. However, their global adoption has been slow due to concerns and challenges in implementation. In this post, let’s dive into the world of digital IDs, explore their current usage, analyze the factors hindering widespread adoption, and discuss their promising future.

Digital IDs and Their Benefits

Digital IDs are electronic representations of individuals’ identity information, allowing them to access services and prove their identity digitally.

The “identity intelligence” company lists the following ‘advantages’ of digital IDs:

  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Improved efficiency

While the company and naïve consumers will see these as ‘advantages,’ digital IDs benefit governments and corporations for control and surveillance.

Au10tix provided examples of digital IDs in various countries.

“While the United States has been relatively slow in adopting digital identities nationally, progress is being made at the state and local levels and in specific sectors,” the company writes.

Investigative reporter Whitney Webb shared her concerns about X’s impending ID verification process.

“It will only get worse from here,” Webb said.

“Won’t it be great when this rolls out + your account is tied to your govt Id and your biometric data. Anyone telling you this isn’t alarming and telling you to verify and subscribe to them on here for their content is a shill and/or addicted to Twitter ad $,” Webb said in another post.

“This is the part where the smarter frogs start to realize that it’s time to jump out of the pot.”

“The id verification should be the red line for anyone who seriously cares about opposing the digital ID cbdc slavery system,” Webb said.

The Verge also reported on X’s ID verification feature:

ID verification benefits for X Premium subscribers will include a line that says “this account is ID verified” when anyone clicks their blue checkmark and prioritized support from X services. Additional benefits like a simplified review process needed to obtain a blue checkmark and greater flexibility to make account changes (including profile photo, display name, and user handle) are also in development.

Users may be asked to reverify their account using a government-issued ID if the account’s name or intended purpose is changed, if ownership of the account has been transferred to another user, if the account is inactive, or for undisclosed “safety and security purposes.”


X says it will also provide the option to use ID verification for “certain X features” as a means to increase trust in its platform. The company didn’t elaborate on what these features might entail but claims those who choose to participate could receive “additional benefits associated with the specific X feature” in the future. These benefits will only be available to individual users, excluding business and organization accounts.

It’s critical to constantly remind readers Elon Musk’s eventual goal for X/Twitter is to become the “everything app,” similar to China’s WeChat.

The Chinese Communist Party utilizes WeChat for its social credit system, which recently expanded the usage of digital ID and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). 

Musk said WeChat is a “good model.”


“My idea would be like how about if we just copy WeChat. Copy them,” Musk said.

“It’s WeChat and Alipay, who built the world first COVID track app and digital/QR code vaccine passport,” said Songpinganq.

“Chinese people were literally on their knees, begging Chinese officials to scan/verify their QR codes/vaccine passport.”

What does X/Twitter require to become the “everything app?”

ID verification!

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